Refers also to a painting (see tableau vivant, below) or a table (chart).
Contre-coup against the blow contre-jour against daylight contretemps an awkward clash; a delay coquette a flirtatious girl; a tease cordon sanitaire a policy of containment directed against a hostile entity or ideology; a chain of buffer states; lit.
"Damn it!" or the British expression "Blimey!
Also refers in French, when plural les toilettes to the toilet room.Carte d'identité identity card.Pouf Lace, Cinna, à partir de 403 QuadTwo, Boffi Presse Complet Parfait pour les petites salles de bain, le meuble Quad dispose de nombreux compartiments pour tout ranger.The phrase is the shortcut of Laissez faire, laissez passer, a doctrine first supported by the Physiocrats in the 18th century.M Secrétaire mural Gaston, Harto Design Presse Malin Plié, il ressemble à un meuble de rangement.Originally marked a new style of French filmmaking in the late 1950s and early 1960s, reacting against films seen as too literary (whereas the phrase "new wave" is used in French to qualify some '80's music, such as Depeche Mode.) edit O objet super casino neuville sur saone d'art.In French, the word means author, but some expressions like "cinéma d'auteur" are also in use.Coup de main (pl.

"Shame on him who thinks ill of it or sometimes translated as Evil be to him who evil thinks; the motto of the English Order of the Garter (modern French writes honni instead of Old French honi) hors concours "out of the running a non-competitor.
More enthusiastic than the cause deserves pomme apple porte cochère an architectural term referring to a kind of porch or portico-like structure.
M Table basse, Bo Concept Presse Modulable Cette table basse sadapte aux différents besoins de la journée.French People usually shorten the sentence, to "les goûts et les couleurs." grâce à "thanks to "by the grace of naming credit or fortune Grand Prix a type of motor racing, literally "Great Prize" grand projet literally "large project usually a government funded large scale.In French : an artist.In French, overall an unpleasant/tedious task.Weakness is translated as faiblesse (noun).Escritoire a writing table.Je ne regrette rien "I regret nothing" (from the title of a popular song sung by Édith Piaf: "Non, je ne regrette rien.The word is spelt faible in French and means "weak" (adjective).Operation consisting of making screws, bolts, etc.Frequently pronounced without the final "s" sound by English speakers who believe that any such sound at the end of a French word is supposed to be silent.The beginning of the French Revolution in 1789; used to refer to the Revolution itself and its ideals.(Guignol can be used in French to describe a ridiculous person, in the same way that clown might be used in English.) edit H habitué one who regularly frequents a place haute couture "high sewing" : Paris-based custom-fitted clothing; trend-setting fashion haute cuisine upscale gastronomy;.Divertissement an amusing diversion; entertainment dossier a file containing detailed information about a person; it has a much wider meaning in modern French, as any type of file, or even a computer directory douceur de vivre "sweetness of life" doyen the senior member.The rule that systematically puts 'extraordinary' after the noun in English is also wrong, because in French, an adjective can be put before the noun to emphasize - which is particularly the case for the adjective 'extraordinaire'.

Touché acknowledgment of an effective counterpoint; literally "touched" or "hit!" Comes from the fencing vocabulary.
But the concept is often assimilated and changed by other countries.
Depending on the context, misuse of this term can be considered as an insult, as you'll wish for the other person's death or will say that you don't wish to see the other person ever again while alive.