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I expect the same.
There is more of a trailer-bouquet here.
Let me explain: When someone has clearly been thinking a lot about some moral/social concerns in society/church/charity of their own interest they often come off with the following line: I think we need to do more about we dont do enough about.
This one is not, but I really appreciate that the author, though Unknown, still had the clear and present sense to pass on this insipid, pointless chaff in first-person plural.
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I am so happy, my dear friend, so absorbed in the exquisite sense of mere tranquil existence, that I neglect my talents.
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I dont care about the degree to which some people need to feel that they have exerted power over others.
This can actually lyrics poker face le minimoys band be a product toward the same ends as like-farming, but the originator employs a cause and, commonly, emotional blackmail as calls to action.Random New-Age Deepity Synthesizer ; my next upgrade to this site will ensure that screen readers enunciate all the possible, random combinations of pure, punchless New-Age gibberish with a distinctly Indian inflection.This really happens and its not nearly as innocuous as the lemmings that play along would purport it.This guy is Vox OMalley, and this was taken from his blog page: First-Person Plural and ESL, please, I beg you to consider your careless disregard of the rules of polite grammar.Some people just have to do thisappear as guru du jour by framing their contentions in first-person plural in an effort to gain mass approvaland its really grating.Apparently I am not the only one with this sentiment: If you post anythinganean anythingthat ends with the words 98 of you wont repost this.Pink Floyd Like-Whore Ploy, never quite found out what was supposed to happen here because nothing ever does.

Usually these Facebook vapid-isms are superimposed on stock photos that have been generally accepted to be soothing, sublime, or otherwise real-effing-important in a New-Agey sort of way.
Please dont try to make me feel like if I dont repost your status, cancer is going to win (or conversely, that if we all repost, it will have any sort of effect whatsoever on the fight against cancer).
Vox OMalley, Irritating Use of the First-Person Plural, blogsite, (accessed 29 Mar.