There is a 30 day free trial and the full version.
PokerStrategy has been around for the past 8 years teaching people how to be successful at poker.
The interface can become rather confusing and getting clear instructions on what do can be tedious and difficult.
You are able to configure that tool to arrange the tables by blinds or drag and drop the table where you deem fit.This can result in an auto fold and sit out which could cost us blinds.You are also able to import your Sitn Go or tourneys hand-histories into SpadeICM to analyse previous hands.It will teach you the vital importance of things such as the number of opponents you are up against, what the stack sizes are as well as the opponent calling ranges.Not to stress you can buy poker hand histories that you can import into your PokerOffice, PokerTrack 2/3/4 or HoldemManager, then you need HHDealer.At this point the question is, has it worked?The application also comes with a log file that reports data from your game sessions.The developers at EasyStreet developed the tool in 2014 and have avis keno released several updates since its original release.SNG Wizard The SNG Wizard is all about the late game strategy.

With a quick and easy install with a painless setup, Flopzilla will be coaching you through flops in no time.
And, its so easy to use!
You will need to purchase this separately.
They also have support forums.Once you have set the basics and selected your position you can calculate the all in push probability of the other players and the app will give you a probable outcome based on the information supplied.Poker Sidekick Like Batman and Robyn SideKick by m is an exceptional application that has your back and helps you take down pots and pats you on the back when you have done a great job.The software has a 30 day trial period after which it costs 99 to purchase.Even though all this information is being displayed it doesnt clutter up the table and doesnt make you feel like you are drowning in information.It will allow you to decide whether or not you should play or fold your hand.Free tools like these are great if you are learning the ropes of poker and would like a situational tool to show you the way.The pro version gives you various filters so that you can target your strengths and weaknesses and it has a passcode lock to keep your data secure.They have now released the follow up to HEM with.The development team at PokerJuice have been active in the poker industry since 2005 with the co-owners Morten Poulsen and Nikolaj Borge using the software themselves to improve their game.Another added feature is that you are able to keep notes on your opponents.

The My Hands section keeps track of your played hands so that it can convert and export them.
The name implies the meaning.