The gas station is 5 mile dahn the road.
I'll take a pahn of chipped ham.
Schlotter, Los Angeles, CA) Shanty Shed.(Submitted by Seth Madjericj, Whitaker, PA) Tayduh potato.Ay, yinz all get ahtta here, 'ere's a fahr dahnsters!M'air needs doon n'at, so's awl be goein' dahntahn te de bootyparler.As in "It's Winsday taday, 'School Day.' We flew out to Lay-trobe.

(Submitted by Randy Burd, Pittsburgh) Par Mir Power Mirror.
(Submitted by Anna Marie Kish, Pompano Beach FL) Kranz Crayons.
(Submitted by Kevin Madzia, Pittsburgh) Bob wahr Barbed Wire.Grab me a sammitch outta da fridgedare!(Submitted by Ed Novak and Michele Swick, Irwin, PA) Sheetrock Drywall.Smooth loto quebec cant deposit interac as a baby's dupa!(Submitted by Eric Scott, Harrison City, PA) Jaggers Thorns.What kinda bir isat?(Submitted by John Brinkman, Cleveland, OH) Yellower Highlighter.If you're shopping and you try something on, and your friend says "Git aht, ya look like a 'studda bubba this is NOT good!(Submitted by George Reeger, West Newton, PA) Monongehela Highball Glass of tap water.(Submitted by Vince Joyce, Wilkinsburg) Carbon Oil recrutement chez casino Kerosene.(Submitted by Dave Lightner, Harborcreek Pa) Mush Ball Softball.My Chevy Nova needs a new tahr.We were greeted by Lay-trobe Grade School with students from kinnergarten to the 8th grade." (Submitted by Peter.I got a hankerin for a beer.(Used this mainly back in grade school.

Stillers fans, wave your Terrible Tahls!
Dats what yinz use when you want to make some straight lines, or when yinz don't have a tape measurer.