poke welding machine

Welding a 3/8" plate will qualify up to 3/4" on groove welds but goes to unlimited on fillets.
Do it again and again until you get straight even beads with little or no valleys in between.
In turn, you receive a quality product for a better price and in a faster turnaround time.Local Tech schools used to have pipe welding programs but many of them have been watered down and dont have instructors qualified to teach pipe welding.The best advice I can give you for welding overhead with Mig is pay attention to 3 things:.Which rod is the best one for the job?Bad ground clamp take a look at it and see what I mean.I believe their curriculum is as solid as they come and I am completely impressed with Ron Scott-President.I could not find the answer but l left a message for Harris-Welco and if they answer, I will send you the info.Or comply with the applicable code.

This will get you off to a bad start and its hard to recover.
When you get some seat time and get really proficient you may find a mix of 50/50 argon/helium to be useful.
It is also called an "Arkansas bellhole" test.
I am a good mechanic and i do alot of car engine work and want to start doing some body work which will require spot-welds and welding in some patch panels.
I would definitely get a roll of flux core just to have on hand.Regards, Jody question, what percent is the nickel silver content of welco 14fc nickel silver welding rods?Make sure to sand an area somewhere to clean bright metal free from paint or undercoat.In short, makes the weld look like ass.And comply with.Thanks for submitting your question.Unfortunately, thats the world we live.Paint or mill scale will not allow for a good ground.Could be practically anything else.Another big big factor will be a good ground.