When you play real money poker, most of your profits will come from the other people at the table, the readable players and the weak ones.
Learn to read the unreadable.
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Anti-spin is a term from another sport ping pong, or, as serious practitioners call it, table tennis.
You're backing down after showing strength, conceding to a move that he might just be putting on you to get you to put your tail between your legs and run off like a little child.If you raise and they raise in kind, just fold and wait for your next chance.But against your tricky, strong opponent, you might be better of responding neutrally by only calling.See m for broadcast times, stations, and podcasts.Sometimes players can spot these patterns, particularly if they are experts.Think what you have what it takes to win free cash?Ashley Adams has been playing poker for 50 years and writing about it since 2000.These are the kind of techniques or qualities that make them unpredictable, and that could also impact or limit your poker strategy.Even in certain home games you might occasionally encounter such a tough opponent whose skill set clearly exceeds your own.You are usually going to be better than these players, and you can exploit their weaknesses and win their money.There's no prize for playing against the toughest opponents.This changed the game significantly from the days of pimpled and sandpaper paddles that imparted only a little spin.

Conclusion, to some extent, it surely is frustrating and deflating to recognize an opponent is better than you, and then either to avoid mixing it up against that player or try to play neutrally against him or her.
However, for now, while youre still building your skills, you might not need to expend that much effort trying to understand tricky players.
Say he had a queen up and raised you might just call, not exposing your strength and letting him lead.
My examples are from seven-card stud, but speak to ideas applicable to other games as well.
Employ "anti-spin here's another tactic for playing against tricky, hard-to-figure-out opponents.Fold and move.They look for a pattern or even a tell that gives clues away.I don't recommend it not if you already have assessed him as a strong, savvy player.Unlike golf, there's no adjustment being made because you have a higher "handicap" than the other players at the table.Lorsque vous y recourez, vous déviez du jeu standard à base de value bets simples, pour essayer de piéger votre adversaire.