Dating back to the 17th century (if not earlier its probably related to an earlier Scandinavian word, glene, for a clear patch of sky.
What happened to the asteroids?
Of course there is much more water in the asteroids and the outer system than in Earths oceans, perhaps enough to support ten thousand trillion human beings.Smuir and Blind Smuir This is an old Scots word meaning choke or smother, which by extension also came to be used to refer to thick, stiflingly hot weather.Battering into AN atmosphere, THE rays creathower OF muonshigh-energy subatomic particles.BUT YOU ARE right, the Gaijin said.They currently live in miserable tiny space colonies orbiting a dangerous black hole artifact.) But there remain mysteries, Ben said.Farther out she saw a lacy veil of color, filmy gas that billowed against the crowded background star clouds.This is the old test exchange, which is still maintained because the new one does not yet have a way for users to upload tests.And it is happening again,.(ed note: The Chaera are the aliens who formerly lived on the murdered Venus-like planet.A greenhouse effect took off.

The zodiacal light, in the Solar System, was a faint glow along the plane of the ecliptic.
Wethergaw Gaw is an old word for a drainage channel or a gutter, the U-shaped cross-section of which is the likely origin of the word wethergaw an old Scots nickname for a rainbow.
And remember, the ones who expand across the stars are self-selecting.There are no asteroids here, Ben said.Imagine how it would be, Nemoto said grimly, to inhabit a world in the path of such a wave.Ben was doing sums in his head.At that rate your population doubles every thirty-five years, an increase by tenfold every century.And in the modern Solar System, of course, the zodiacal light was enhanced by the glow of Gaijin colonies.Then comeulse OF high-energy particles, cosmic rays, hurled OUT OF THE disc OF collapsing matter, following THE gamma rays aittle less than light speed.And then, as resources are exhausted throughout the light-speed cage, the crash comes, inevitably.Death, on an interstellar scale.We dont have to put up with this sh*t.Weve been observing them all over the sky since the 1960s.

BUT THE gamma-RAY shower IS only THE precursor TO THE cosmic RAY cascades, which CAN last months.