Top of page Planned Magnet Production Lines at Al Tahadi ISG has not uncovered information indicating that the magnet production capability being pursued by Iraq beginning in 2000 was intended to support a gas centrifuge uranium enrichment program, but the magnet production lines would have.
Al Jabouri Director General Nida Formerly of Group.
Al-Nida State Company (Zaafaraniya Mechanical Workshop Al-Rabiyah) The Al-Nida State Company (Zaafaraniyah Mechanical Workshop Al-Rabiyah also known in 1991 as Zaafaraniyah Nuclear Fabrication Facility Al-Rabiyah, produced vacuum chambers and components for Iraqs emis program.The iaea removed the centrifuge-related equipment from this site in the 1990s.Theses and to search for unusual document positioning or storage.The purchase by the Rotating Machinery Department machinery used purchasing channels that were not the normadding to the suspicion surrounding the order.Most likely, this transfer was accomplished to salvage copper from the emis coils for other industrial needs.Crude approaches to the study of materials using piezoelectric materials were reported.ISG interviews of a high-level poke bowl menu playa bowls Iraqi official indicate that equipment from the PC-3 emis facility at Tarmiya sweet smoke just a poke lyrics was moved to Baghdad University after the 1991 war and prior to the start of intrusive inspections.The ability to mount a mission of this nature in such a hazardous tirage loto samedi 7 avril area as the Tuwaitha Nuclear complex, without casualties and with the achievement demonstrated, is seen as a contribution to ISGs reputation.Engineer Abd Al-Baqi Rashid Shiya, then Director General of the al Rashid State Company, led the 17-member committee, supported by his deputy and head of the National Monitoring Directorate (NMD) at al Rashid, Saad Ahmad Mahmud.The iaec rail gun projectnamed Al Muharek al Khati or The Linear Engineoccupied two primary locations, a laboratory at the Roland Missile Facility near the Rashid Air Base and a small facility within former residential compound outside the Tuwaitha Nuclear Research Center.

Over the 3 days of the MS duration, an up-to-date list of building status was compiled, which is presented as Annex D to this document.
An emis system includes the following processes: Isotope separationelectromagnetic equipment used to separate the uranium isotopes (see Figure 19 ).
Iraqi effort to indigenously manufacture tubes for an 81 mm-rocket program and its continued effort to acquire tubes with higher specifications.Iraqi Concealment of Carbon Fiber-Related Activity, Materials, and Documents After.However, there was no placement program to place iaec scientists into university positions.It was severely looted and vandalized.These drums were transferred in late June 2003 to the yellowcake storage facility located at Tuwaitha.In either case, some of the work performed by these former PC-3 scientists inherently preserved some capabilities that would be needed for a reconstituted nuclear weapon program.Khan to assist Iraq in developing nuclear weapons.

Building 151 complex was considered clear.
Faris Abd Al-Aziz Al-Samarrai, to measure dimensional variances on several 81-mm rockets.
This work was prompted by then Vice President of the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission,.