A b "8,000 Lake Erie Water Birds Dead of Botulism, Experts Say".
Sharon Hill (May 27, 2010).
111 According to one report, the Canadian town of Port Dover is the home of the lake's largest fishing fleet, and the town features miniature golf, dairy bars, French-fry stands, and restaurants serving perch.
23 Pelee Island, Canada's southernmost point and only three miles away from Ohio, is a place that "forces you to do nothing I spent the next couple of hours riding that guy's creaky, brown three-speed across the flat, open island in a flawless summer breeze.
Glacier dug through the stones.Bass Communications September 3, 2003 "Bloody-red shrimp invades Great Lakes: The newest invader swarming in the Great Lakes is the bloody-red shrimp and they're bloody likely to have a negative impact".On a normal winter day, the ice is dotted with 2,000 fishing shanties.39 Public parks edit Presque Isle State Park is a peninsula that juts out into Lake Erie from Pennsylvania and is popular during summers with swimmers and beachgoers.Peter Gorrie (August 31, 2007).Apple orchards are abundant in northeast Ohio to western New York.122 123 Ships headed eastward can take the Welland Canal 142 and a series of eight locks descending 326 feet (99 m) to Lake Ontario which takes about 12 hours, according to one source.Jeff Long (April 14, 2010).The Windsor Star (October 4, 2006).The hands on board several of the vessels saw him, and rightly apprehending that he was an aeronaut, cheered him heartily."Archaeologists surveying Lake Erie floor for shipwrecks".
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How would you like to shovel 10 feet of snow each winter?
"Mussels Blamed For Mayflies".
85 These insects were a sign of Lake Erie's move back to health, since the mayflies require clean water to thrive.
Economy edit Fishing edit Species of fish edit Lake Erie is home to one of the world's largest freshwater commercial fisheries.15 The warm summer of 1999 caused lake temperatures to come close to the 85 F (29 C) limit necessary to keep the plants cool.10 Some outflow occurs via the Welland Canal, part of the.They ride in cars with the roofs and doors chopped off so they can escape if the vehicles fall through the ice.Time magazine, 1979 27 Joint nadian agreements pushed 600 of 864 major industrial dischargers to meet requirements for keeping the water clean.